Checklists Maker


This App enables you to easily create and reuse checklists for certain tasks like packing for vacation or other recurring situations.


It will be available this Fall for iOS

Why Checklists Maker?

We offer many features combined with a unique and easy user experience. We designed the app to save time instead of wasting it! Do more things in an organized and beautiful way.


Subscribe to Premium to get unlimited amounts of lists, presets, and even more functionality to enhance your productivity!

Create numerous lists and get important information – e.g. how many items are completed – at a glance

Save your lists as presets to enable direct, easy access to recurring tasks just with the tap of a button

All data is synced across all your devices with iCloud. All automatically!

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Checklists Maker

Available this Fall for iOS

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To install the app you need to have a device with iOS 11.2 or later. This includes iPhone 5S and newer, iPad Air and newer, iPad Mini 2 and newer, and iPod Touch 6th Generation.


Not Premium Members can use most features of the app but can only create a limited amount of lists and presets. Some Features may be limited to Premium Members!